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Spring into Spring with Satchells Gardening Tips

If you’re anything like the Satchells team, our gardening duties are often placed onto the back-burner during the winter months. The adverse weather conditions throughout winter make us all reluctant to don the gardening gloves, so spring brings the perfect opportunity to show your garden the love it deserves.

Don't just spring clean inside the house this year, pay attention to your garden, which will leave your whole home looking fantastic.

Love Your Lawn

Your lawn will likely need some attention after enduring a long dark, wet winter. The first step is to clean up the space thoroughly. Fallen branches, dead leaves and other objects that have found their way into your garden must be removed before you can begin reviving the lawn. Rake the garden thoroughly to ensure the lawn is clear.

Once the grass is prepared, you must also prepare your tools. It can be worthwhile to send your lawnmower in for a service at the start of spring, meaning you can confidently rely on it throughout the grass cutting months.

Overseeding is the process where more lawn seed is applied to grass to fill in any patches. Although this is most effective when done in the autumn, it can give your grass a whole new lease of life for the springtime. Assess any bald spots your grass may have developed and apply more seed. These patches are often due to pets, heavy traffic, or simply neglect.

Your lawn is more than likely awaiting a good old mow when returning from the depths of winter. The first trim of the year is essential, setting the tone for the months ahead. Throughout the spring and summer, your lawn should be mowed at least every two weeks, and regularly fed, to keep it looking its best.

Prepare Flower Beds

Any pre-existing flower beds will likely need intense attention at the beginning of spring. Start by removing all garden debris and then trimming back any dead leaves, which will allow you to get a clear view of what you are working with. The winter frost has lifted, but the soil may still be compacted. Use a sharp spade to work the top of the earth, turning it over.

Add a mixture of spring bulbs to your beds that will flower in the summer, bringing various colours and shades to your garden. Once your bulbs are planted, spread three inches of good quality compost on top, which will feed nutrients into the soil and encourage the plants to grow beautifully.

Prepare for Visitors

We all enjoy spending time with our loved ones in our gardens during spring and summer, and hopefully this year we will be able to do just that and welcome friends and family once again. However, it is also a great time to welcome wildlife.

Take some time in spring to scrub up your birdbaths, as well as cleaning and restocking your bird feeders, encouraging the local birds to enjoy your garden. You may also want to prepare your garden for emerging hedgehogs. This can be done by creating a small accessway, space for them to nest, and fox-proofing the space.

Additionally, tidy fences, hedges, and shrubs that you may have around your garden's border.

It won’t take long to transform your garden, revive your spring and summer haven, and make sure you have somewhere the whole family can enjoy this year.


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