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Terms and conditions

Telephone calls: Satchells reserves the right with or without notice, to record incoming and outgoing telephone calls for the purposes of accuracy, content, dispute resolution evidence and for quality and training purposes.

Online valuation tool: By using our online valuation tool you agree by the terms and conditions indicated within the valuation tool by the provider. You also agree to your personal data being retained by Satchells for use in future communications from us in relation to promotions and other media which we feel you may be interested in.

Photographs: Some photographs used by Satchells may have been adjusted using photo shop or similar software to enhance their general quality, removal of shadows, obscuring of number plates, removal/obstruction of personal identification and for the addition of blue sky. All rights to photographs taken by Satchells remain the property of Satchells and cannot be reproduced or used without our written consent. We also reserve the right to use any photos of taken in promotional material during and post transactional periods.

Floorplans: When generated they are for illustrative purposes only. They are not to scale, and the measurements shown are approximate to give a general indication of the room size. The size and position of doors, windows, appliances, and other features are approximate, and the icons may vary from the actual appliance in the property. Under no circumstance should the floorplan be relied upon for any legal purpose or for use when ordering goods to be fitted to the property.

Video Tours: When produced they are intended to provide a general overview of the property with or without a voice over, covering music, or room titles. Their accuracy is not guaranteed and Satchells reserves the right to generate them using a mixture of still images and video footage edited together. All rights to the property Video Tour remain with Satchells and they cannot be reproduced without our written consent.

Website & Social Media Marketing: Satchells uses Website & Social media as part of its marketing strategy for both our brand and our client’s property. Our posts on social media will comply with any social media legalisation covering such, but typically will include adverts for your property and the use of social media to display and promote your property, location, and video. Our social media usage is generally via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding: Commonly referred to as AML checks. These are a requirement by law and as a firm we carry them out on buyers and sellers and some tenants depending upon the rental value. We will carry out AML checks either manually or electronically depending upon the circumstances. In each case you will be required as a minimum to provide all parties names, an address and date of birth and in some instances we will be required to see and take copies of original documents confirming your Identification. These may typically be a photo driving licence, passport, or other such document.

Property Details/Adverts: All printed and published property details and adverts are a guide only providing a general overview of price, location, the property and terms of any sale or let. Their accuracy is not guaranteed, and all measurements are approximate and should not be relied upon for survey purposes or for ordering white goods.
 All buyers and tenants must satisfy themselves on the state and condition of the premises, fixtures and fittings, services provided, title, user class, VAT and any service charges or ground rents and lease terms before legally completing.
 Any comments made about state and condition or location are statements of the writers opinion and as such may differ from the reader.

Statements and services available: We regularly keep our services and website under review. However, due to the nature of some services we reserve the right to withdraw the services as stated or advertised without notice.

Third Party relationships/Referrals and fees: We work closely with many third party companies whom we feel provide a professional service and whom, with your consent we are happy to refer you to such as; conveyancers, architects, financial advisors, builders. Should you engage with the third-party firms you absolve Satchells of any responsibility should the transaction or relationship fail.
Please note by referring to a third-party firm Satchells may be financially reward by way of a referral fee or share in the fees/commission the third party charge you.

Service Level Agreement & Agency Terms: Our website or advertised services do not constitute any form of service level agreement. Our agency terms for all departments may be formatted by way of; A formal written Agency Agreement, Written letter/email or a recorded phone call confirming our relationship. The absence of any formal confirmation from the recipient of our services in any form of the above does not constitute a reason not to pay our fees, you become liable for our fees as soon as you receive our services. 

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