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Conveyancing made simple through Satchells Estate Agents

After all the hard work and effort to find your perfect home or property you will want to ensure the next stage of the process is not frustrated or delayed by the Conveyancer/Solicitor. If anything, a good quality Conveyancer/Solicitor is worth their weight in gold and is as important as choosing the right estate agent.

  • Your agent’s role is to find you the right buyer and go on to negotiate the terms of the sale.
  • Your conveyancing solicitor is there to make sure the legal work is correct and the sale completes.

The legal exchange of a property between two parties involves deeds, land registry amongst other important information that must be exchanged correctly for the sale to be deemed valid under UK law. Sound and trusted advice is therefore vital.

Finding the right person to see you through the legality of moving will undoubtedly minimise the stress so often associated with the process. Efficiency is key at this stage and your solicitors should have good communication skills, keeping you in the loop during the purchase process with the aim of a smooth, efficient completion.

Over many years of experience, Satchells have developed good working relationships with a few select solicitors, whom we believe offer a good, reliable and competitive service. We work with local firms we know and trust and can put you in touch with the right person who will deliver exceptional customer service.

You don't have to be buying or selling through Satchells to take advantage of these solicitors. Get in touch to find out more and secure a proactive, tried and tested conveyancing service.

Please note: Satchells may receive a commission payment from the referred Conveyancer/Solicitor should you instruct them.

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