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Surveys through Satchells Estate Agents

If you need a mortgage on your property, you will be asked by the lender to pay for a survey to be conducted. A house survey is simply an assessment of the property which identifies any major issues to the prospective buyer. This is common practice and seen as a good way to avoid any unexpected repair costs later down the line. Obtaining a survey will also help identify any future investment you might need to budget for.

The survey will be undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor who will visit the property to conduct an inspection before preparing a report detailing any problems discovered.

There are a number of different types of survey available – all of which vary in cost. The table below illustrates the different types of house survey. [source:]

If you are buying with no mortgage or need specific advice and require the services of a surveyor, please contact any of the Satchells offices with your details and we will arrange for one of our recommended panel surveyors to contact you directly.

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