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When is a London Office not a London Office?

This may appear to be a rather strange question, but it’s a pertinent one!

Time and again we see estate agents advertising their ‘London’ offices as an additional benefit to clients.

And who can blame them? After all, when it comes to marketing property effectively, being able to talk about the benefits of reaching the widest market possible is a massive advantage.

It’s a game-changer in fact, as it means that your property is not just marketed within the local area but to an audience much further afield.

The problem arises though when the ‘London’ office, isn’t really a genuine London office at all. Yes, it might be an office – with a London address.

  • But does it have a shopfront?
  • Is it fully staffed with trained negotiators?
  • Are those staff taking and making phone calls?
  • Are face-to-face appointments carried out (pre-covid)?

Often, sadly the answer is no. Because the ‘London office’ is purely that. An office where enquiries are taken, but that’s where communication ends. There is no pro-activeness, no genuine desire to network with clients and sell houses.

That’s where we differ and really come into our own.

Alongside our six branches across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, Satchells also have a truly genuine London office.

We operate the Fine & Country office situated on Park Lane.

  • It has a shopfront!
  • You can view property details
  • It’s fully staffed
  • We take and make phone calls
  • You can make an appointment to call and see us (Covid-19 regulations apply)

And because we are linked to 300 other Fine & Country offices throughout the UK, we have access to a database of clients (UK and international) all seeking substantial property to buy in Hertfordshire and surrounding towns and villages.

We have a fabulous track record for this because in 2020, our Fine & Country branch sold more houses over £1 million than in previous years.

So, the message from us is simple. Estate agents citing a London office may be guilty of some artistic licence!

Not us! Call and speak with us anytime on 01462 600900 or email and find out how many more buyers you can reach through our Fine & Country office.


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