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As the Government restrictions ease, we are pleased to confirm we are able to provide a complete range of property services. Our offices are open with no need to make an appointment. Viewings, valuations and other property visits are taking place with guidelines in place to help minimize the risk of the spread of Covid-19.
Everyone involved in the home buying and selling process is urged to continue to follow good hygiene practices, including regular hand-washing, sanitising and cleaning. These measures will help prevent the spread of infection and whilst the wearing of face coverings in no longer required, it is suggested that they be used if in crowded and enclosed space or where you would come into contact with other people you would not normally meet and we suggest all parties have face coverings available to use if asked or if felt appropriate.
You should also be aware that some property agents, conveyancers and other professionals may choose to retain some modifications to how they work to reduce the risk from Covid-19. These changes could impact your move and may include initial virtual viewings before in-person viewings, asking you to vacate your current property during viewings and ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned before someone else views it or moves in. We would ask that you cooperate with these measures where they are in place and should you have your own conditions which you feel need implementing, you should advise your agent and conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible.

Viewings can continue with unlimited people from different households, but it is advised to keep the number of people and different households attending to a minimum. Health status checks will continue prior to appointments and people who have Covid-19, showing symptoms, or self-isolating should not attend our offices or appointments.
Having assessed the latest Government guidance, we share our best practices with you below If you are attending our offices or an appointment:

  • You should advise us as soon as possible if you contract Covid-19, show symptoms, or are self-isolating so we can cancel/reschedule the appointment
  • If you are visiting our offices, there is no requirement to wear a face covering, but we politely ask that you do if it is crowded or others are. Our staff will wear one if asked to do so or if they feel it appropriate
  • If we are attending an appointment, our staff will wear a face covering if asked to or they feel it appropriate.
  • Unless exempt, we ask all people meeting at an appointment to bring a face covering and wear it if asked or if appropriate.
  • On the day of the visit, we will seek where we can, confirmation that all parties involved are not showing symptoms or self-isolating. If anyone is, the visit should be delayed.
  • We ask you to maintain some social distancing measures
  • We ask you to continue to sanitise before and after each visit
  • We suggest viewings are kept to a period of 15 minutes.
  • Whilst there are unrestricted numbers of people for different households able to attend property visits, we ask that the number of people who need to attend be kept to a minimum.
  • If large parties are viewing properties, we would ask that people view in stages.
  • Once the visit has taken place, the occupier should ensure surfaces are sanitised afterwards.
  • We encourage face to face conversation in one place without a mask are kept to a minimum indoors.
  • Prior to the visit we suggest the occupier should open the windows to allow air to circulate.
  • All parties who are attending should have and use their own hand sanitiser.
  • If we are not attending, the elements listed above will still be applicable and all parties should respect and follow them.


Trade’s persons visits

If you are having a visit from a trade's person, they should contact you to conduct their own checks on your health status and if you or anyone in the household is showing symptoms or self-isolating, along with advising if they have any special measures in place dependent upon the type of trade they undertake.

Clinically and extremely vulnerable people

For people who are clinically or extremely vulnerable, additional precautions may be required in order for your needs to be met and if you have any specific requirements, please advise your local branch as soon as possible so all parties involved can be advised.
Despite the easing of restrictions by the Government, some may still feel vulnerable and not able or inclined to accept or take part in visits. If this applies to you, and you need our services, we are able to provide virtual services such as free online valuations, face to face virtual market appraisals and virtual viewings.
We look forward to continuing to provide our full range of services and meet your property needs. Should you have any questions please contact your local office.
This document was last updated on the 4th February 2022 and whilst it serves as a guide and best practice for Satchells, we suggest that you keep up to date with current guidance which can change frequently with further information about the Coronavirus and advice from the Government on moving home during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak being available on the Government website.

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